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Sherwood Counselling and Psychotherapy

Your journey has brought you to this place.  Today begins with an opportunity to understand what brought you here, explain what does not feel right and create a safe space to explore what comes next. I look forward to privelge of working with you.

How Therapy can help:

Therapy can help you to cope with painful emotions, experiences, and processing previous traumatic events. You might not be aware of the issue but you would have a sense that life could be better. Therapy can guide you to make decisions and choices that are right for you. Common presenting concerns include anxiety, depression, past trauma including childhood trauma, grief and loss, general discontent, relational issues, parenting concern, and stress management.

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London, ON,

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Our Services

Counselling and psychotherapy services are offered to individuals and couples in person in London, ON. Online and phones sessions can be accessed from anywhere in the provice of Ontario.